make ART make CONTENT make CONTACT

The internet is full. It's full of buzzfeed personality tests and "experts" that don't site their sources and don't back up their advice with actual research (particularly with diet)... There's a fad going around that I find extraordinarily annoying - the fake cool news trend. Giant squid washing up on a beach, the freaking Hovr Board situation (PS - Funny or Die is still dead to me) and the last one I saw going around with an arial picture of a giant SOS call that was not in fact, from a woman stranded on an island for seven years, and was not, it would seem, saved by the good folks at Google Earth. The real image was taken above Kyrgyzstan in 2010 (according to the Independent article here )

I'm not saying "give up" I'm not saying "don't write" I'm saying make something original, put it out there and make some real content from real people and make that a thing. Fill the internet up with real things and experiences. Don't worry about cutting out the crap, overwhelm it with real life good stuff. 

According to my friend who's an actual Nutritionist, that's a good approach to take with your diet too.