This is what we do.

Here's the situation - I love photography. It's what I do. When I think of the hours, the film, the training and time that other people have invested in making me a photographer, I get a little verklempt. For those of you who weren't watching "Coffee Talk" before Mike Myers got a little heavy and started showing up on Buzzfeed lists of crazy-ass celebrities, verklempt is to be "choked with emotion". I'm not kidding. Other people have invested loads of their precious time to help me do what I do. 

So I start by photographing people and working on my craft and making images, learning to edit images, learning to shoot in the studio and manage all the lights and whatnot took years. I'm not kidding. There's a lot to know. 

I also started putting my work up for review by other photographers. I'm not talking about Tumblr or any other myriad online photosharing sites, I'm talking about sitting in a room full of people that also do what you do and having my work taken apart in pieces and put back together again. It's honest and brutal and has to be akin to doing open mike comedy. It's how you learn, it's how you get better. It's practice. 

In doing this work and talking to a lot of people that are changing the course of their lives and picking up a different kind of work and going out on their own, I came to realize that a lot of people need help building websites... and I thought "Oh, yeah. I know how to do that" and started offering it as a service at the most reasonable price that I could. Then I realized people needed some help with their graphic design... and I was like: "I definitely don't do that" but I do know someone that can - and I believe in his work and his work ethic. So this is a "go". I've spent the time and checked around... it's $500 for just the logo from a junior designer at most places. Really.

It's really not that I'm the best photographer that ever lived, and it's not that I'm a crazy good web designer, it's that I'm not overwhelmed with indecision when I look at photos of you. I just pick the good ones, clean them up and send them out. When I work on your website, I'm not going to spend hours wondering what colour green best represents the moment you decided to become a yoga teacher or an acupuncturist or real estate agent. I'm going to look at your content and figure out the best way to present it, and have it done in two weeks. That's the deal. I don't take meetings on website design - You send me your content and I make your site.  I know it sounds a little "Soup Nazi", but that's what you're buying. It's 2014, if you don't have a website up yet, I'm willing to bet that you've thought about it several times probably kind of half started a couple of wordpress sites, but aren't really sure about linking it to your domain name. I know. I've been there. It's brutal. You have to ask yourself this: Do you want to spend hours and hours learning how to make websites, or do you want to teach yoga? How do you want to spend your time?

All I'm saying is that we both know you need to pull it together. I can help you with that.