I began shooting professionally for a small book publisher in 2007... it was mostly pictures of plants and gardening supplies, but it was a real, paid and published photography gig, so it counts. I gathered images, worked with authors, and helped in any way that I could to take a manuscript and turn it into a book. 

Having spent the last few years focused primarily on portraiture, I've come to love creating images that reflect the moments in between poses... actual laughter and occasional tears. It's nice. It's human. It's who we really are when the fake smile fades. 

In 2009 I started working with Rob Davidson, a teacher and pillar of the photography community in Toronto. He's one of the most technically skilled photographers I've ever met. As I developed into a portrait artist, I've come to fully understand how genuinely gifted he is as a product photographer. I am extraordinarily happy to offer his services to my own clients through House of Bonas.  

I was recycling the same ol’ photos and promos when Stephanie Bonas started to nudge me toward freshening things up. Relentless, she kept offering me photo shoots and sending me ideas about boosting my yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist profile. It took a year because I was a little shy but finally we got together and it was a wonderful thing.
Steph captured in her photos the essence of how I feel when I am teaching and doing my healing work. She is an intuitive, supportive and creative photographer. And she comes straight from her heart.
— Jane Loney, 80 Gladstone
I contacted Stephanie after seeing some of her beautiful pictures of yoga instructors. I however am not a yoga teacher but needed some pictures for my web site.
I really don’t like being in front of a camera but Stephanie made me fell relaxed from the get go and managed to make me look really great. I know this because my friends all commented on how fantastic the pics were which is testament to how good Stephanie is!!!
— Francis Rock, Akuklinik
Stephanie is the shit. She is my friend, she is talented and she’s generally fucking incredible. You better know. Work with her, or else...
— Katrina Orr, Downward Dog
It’s easy to see how talented Stephanie is from her beautiful work, but I think what sets her apart is she took the time to really, genuinely listen and understand what I wanted. She listened to my heart and soul and conveyed what was there in her work. Now that ladies and gentlemen is an artist!
— Laura Vernoy, Black Dog Vinyasa Yoga